Royal Rugby Boot Company give Abbey touraid a leg-up

Royal Rugby have stepped in to provide a compete set of new boots for our visitors. The company have donated thirty pairs of rugby boots to Abbey touraid for the youngsters who will be arriving in Reading next week.

Abbey touraid chairman Neil Cranstone said: “We were absolutely delighted when Royal Rugby offered to provide boots for our visitors. We have been able to provide a set of playing kit for each of the boys who are visiting from Kenya, St Lucia and Swaziland but we were really struggling to come up with boots.

“Many of these children will never even have had a new pair of shoes of their own and I can’t wait to see their faces on Friday when they each pick up a shiny new pair of proper rugby boots.

The culmination of the Abbey touraid project is the Festival of Rugby of Sunday, March 30 and these boots will allow the visiting players to take on their UK peers on an equal footing.”

The Royal Rugby Boot Company has a self-declared mission ‘to change the world of rugby one pair of boots at a time’. For every pair that is bought they will donate another to rugby players in need around the world.

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Royal Rugby are supporting Abbey touraid

Royal Rugby are supporting Abbey touraid

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