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Abbey Touraid have been working with three host schools throughout the last twelve months to raise the funds to bring our visitors to Reading.  The three International U13 teams from Sure 24 in Kenya, Orkeeswa School in Tanzania and the Tlamelo Vultures from Botswana arrive into Heathrow on Thursday, 15th September 2016.

If you would like your school to be involved in future Tours, please email info@abbeytouraid.com for more information.

Highdown School

Highdown is a happy, caring, thriving and inclusive school where all students aspire to, and achieve their full potential. From their first day they will be motivated, challenged and engaged by high quality teaching and so develop a lifelong love of learning.  Highdown will be working in association with under-privileged children from Orkeeswa School and will be hosting children from there in September 2016.

Opened in 2008, Orkeeswa School is located in an under-served Maasai community in the Monduli Hills of northern Tanzania. By providing free education within the village, Orkeeswa offers the only opportunity for most of our students to continue education past the primary level. Orkeeswa is committed to creating co-educational learning environments, where boys and girls learn side by side – empowering young women and promoting gender equality. Students of Orkeeswa School live and learn within their village, allowing them to share their education with their families and community. Orkeeswa’s holistic model of education extends beyond the classroom and equips students with the skills to create positive change in their community. These students are not just the “leaders of tomorrow;” they are leaders today.

The Piggott School

The Piggott School became an Academy in 2001 and remains dedicated to high standards of achievement and its staff remains committed to the welfare and progress of all students. The school aims to; provide a caring environment based on Christian values, develop enquiring minds capable of independent thought, promote the value of life long learning, be open to new ideas and encourage respect and tolerance.  Their mission statement: ‘….to be a School which inspires and encourages the highest achievement’.  The Piggott School will be working in association with under-privileged children from the Tlamelo Vultures and will be hosting children from there in September 2016.

The 10-member Tlamelo Vultures team comprises players from the Tlamelo Trust for Orphans and Vulnerable Children based in Old Naledi, Botswana.

Reading School

Reading School is proud of its long and distinguished history. It is an outstanding school, with an exceptional academic track record and excellent pastoral support, where every boy is encouraged to develop his full potential.

Reading School is working in close association with the Sure24 orphanage and Living Fountain School in Nakuru, Kenya.

The TourAid Legacy

By welcoming them into their homes, the schools and their hosting families establish close bonds with their guests – bonds which remain even after the tourists have departed. Many of the schools, clubs and families concerned maintain the relationships and provide funding and resources for the children’s educational, sporting and general welfare. The touring children develop in confidence, their horizons widen and they become role models amongst their peers. Hosting children gain an insight into the lives of their less fortunate guests – they see for themselves the value of education, family life and the essential dignity of these children in a way not easily gained in the UK.

If you think you can help contact us at info@abbeytouraid.com or call on 0800 3160771методика укладки паркета с водяным подогревоммакияж в стиле 60 х годов фотовакансии никаспастор владимир мунтян биографияскачать Налогоплательщик ЮЛ 2015